By 2050, Africa will be home to 1.3 billion more people than it is today.

That is more than half of the world’s projected population growth of 2.4 billion people.

This means a huge demand for buildings, with 80 percent of those that will exist in 2050 yet to be built.

This rapid urbanisation and growth will only increase the already considerable environmental impact of the building and construction sector, which is why we need to mobilise the partnerships and action needed to create more sustainable outcomes.

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across Africa are a critical part of this transition, with an opportunity to provide the solutions to deliver a net zero carbon, healthy, equitable, resilient, environmentally-sustainable, economically-inclusive and socially-inclusive built environment, to ensure we meet our climate action targets.

Launching at COP27, the African Alliance for Sustainable Cities and Built Environments is a platform where MSMEs can access knowledge and markets so that they can play a critical role in transforming Africa’s built environment.

In collaboration with existing powerful MSME networks such as AUDA-NEPAD and ANDE, we are inviting all MSMEs who work across Africa to accelerate their journey towards a sustainable, inclusive and resilient Africa.


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